Friday, May 20, 2011

Creative Dreams International spreading wings to Indonesia!

May 15, 2011 marks a history for the A-Team International and our parent company, Creative Dream International (CDI). Believe it or not, we are finally spreading our wings in Indonesia! Yeahhhh!! = D

Many new friends have been made in Indonesia and we were not surprise to see how the Indonesians are diligently trying to improve their financial status and their lives. They were born to become an entrepreneurs! Not only that, most of the parents that we met are  also very concerned with the status of their child's education and hoping their children would excel in class and become champion in the school.

Aside from that, we also encountered interested investors who wanted to earn more side income with a unique business that is not related to cosmetics, health nor household BUT education which is offered by Creative Dreams International.

Before I write more about FOCUS-A as well as CDI Education Business Program, let's see all the photos we got from our last trip to Jakarta, shall we? :)

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

6 days to the soft launching of CDI in Indonesia!

We hope it's not too late to wish all mothers a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!
How was your Sunday celebration with your children and family? :)
For most of us, we dedicated our morning to go to Dr. Ali Qassem's seminar on Filling in your Business Pipeline :)
Surprisingly, there were a lot of mothers attended this beneficial talk too! :)

We'd also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Ku Yun Seng for winning the lucky draw of RM1000 in CASH!
Wohoo! Just imagine what you can do with the extra bonus cash huh? ;)
If you missed the seminar, fret not...
But you must not missed the launching of CDI in Jakarta, Indonesia this coming Sunday (15th May 2011!!!)

How time flies...
It's 6 more days to the soft launching of Creative Dreams International in Jakarta, Indonesia!
The best part of this business, you get to be the pioneer in a new potential country, get to travel as well as do your business part time!
If you have friends in Indonesia, please invite them to come to this event.
It is the BEST time to start and be a pioneer!
As we mentioned before, THERE IS NO COMPETITION!
For a great product such as this, you'll be guaranteed to earn more than what you can imagine.

See you in Indonesia!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

3 more weeks to the launching of CDI in Indonesia!

To all networkers, entrepreneurs and people of Indonesia!

It's 3 more weeks to the launching of Creative Dreams International in Indonesia!!! Wohooo!

A recent visit to  Consul General and wife at their office Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia.  
26 April 2011

For your information, Creative Dreams International (CDI) is the 2nd MLM company that has been approved in Indonesia. Many MLM companies are still in pending list since last year. So don't missed out to become part of the pioneering group in Indonesia!!! Best of all, we DO NOT HAVE COMPETITION! No competition means more sales!

Click to view larger image

Click to view larger image

If you are in Indonesia (or better, in Jakarta), you are welcome to witness this auspicious and beneficial event. Take this opportunity to become a pioneer in Indonesia and make a lot of income through e-Education!

Date: 15th May 2011 (Sunday)
Venue: Candi Singasari Ballroom, Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Time: 3pm (Registration)
RSVP: A-Team - Evy ( / Fara ( / Laura ( / Ivan (
Call: +62 85710026838

A-Team International is the only CDI Support Centre in Indonesia at the moment! See you there!!!

Life is a Process; Dreams are Realities, if we pursue them. The closer we get to our Dreams and Visions, the more we are inspired to Dream more!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Creative Dreams International - SBS (Serious Builder Seminar) and Big Boom training is back!

Serious Builders Seminar

Date: 10th April 2011
Venue: 2nd Floor, Manadarin Hall, Tang Dynasty Hotel (Wawasan Plaza)
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Time: 2.30pm - 6.30pm

Big Boom

Date: 10th April 2011
Venue: 2nd Floor, Mandarin Hall,
Tang Dynasty Hotel (Wawasan Plaza)
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Time: 8.30pm - 10.30pm

If you are Serious in Building career with Creative Dreams International, it is a MUST to attend the SBS Training.

Ticket cost RM40 for each seminar.

See you there!!!


Investors wanted! - FOCUS A / Creative Dreams International will be launched in Indonesia - 15th May 2011



The management takes pleasure in informing all Leaders and Networkes that CDI will be starting Business Operation in


on 15th MAY 2011

Creative Dreams International will be based on a "FIRST COME FIRST BASIS"
Leaders and Networkers are advised to recruit your Intitial Batch of Distributor who are keen to operate a Support Centre in


All potential Support Centres Applicants Can Contact the

Mr. Steven Cheong (C.E.O)

Tel: 03 - 7954 9196

For further information

- The Management -

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


If you are a business minded person, or have a company but have yet to see any eye popping income or simply clueless on how to reap sales, we highly recommend you to go to Dr. Ali's upcoming seminar.

Dr. Ali Qassem was invited to Creative Dreams International SLC Convention last month and had helped hundreds of people to be inspired and work towards their goals and dreams.

Now this time is YOUR chance! and it's VERY AFFORDABLE!

For this seminar, Dr. Ali Qassem is offering everyone from different business background to come for his seminar with only RM250 for early bird (after 15th April 2011, price will increase to RM300) .

click image to enlarge
Venue: StarCity Conference & Event Centre
2nd Floor, Link Bridge, Kompleks Star City, Asia City,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

8th May 2011 (Sunday)

9am - 5pm

In this seminar, you will:

1) Discover your strengths and learn how to use them in order to live the life you always wanted
2) Understand the mental laws that will improve your personal power and turn you to a sales professional
3) Learn how to find long-term prospects and how to motivate them to buy
4) Learn how to make a powerful presentation, how to negotiate and how to handle objections
5) Understand the 10 GOLDEN RULES of closing a sale and how to avoid the fatal closing mistakes

  • 8.00am - Registration
  • 9.00am - Session 1: Motivational Speech (Discover your strength, build your wealth & Design your destiny)
  • 10.30am Tea Break
  • 11.00am Session 2: Develop Your Personal Power (The 10 Mental Laws of selling)
  • 12.00pm Session 3: Prospecting (Filling your business pipeline motivating people to buy)
  • 1.00pm. Lunch
  • 2.00pm. Session 4: Buying Is Emotional (Making a powerful presentation negotiation skills and how to handle objections)
  • 3.30pm. Tea Break
  • 4.00pm. Session 4: The Endgame (The trial close and Closing the Sale)
  • 5.00pm. Lucky Draw (5 Attractive Prizes & RM1000 Cash)

"Training is not a ‘recreational’ luxury to be implemented when times are good, but is an essential survival tool when times are pretty rough." Dr. Lee Meadows

To purchase the tickets, please leave your comment here OR call Mz. Nina at 0165878560 before the 15th April 2011. 

You can also get from other Focus A-Team International includes:
1. Madam Eve @ Evy Charlie 016 8201125
2. Ivan Rodrigo 019 8808599
3. Laura Basinau 017 816 8898
4. Stewart Fong 017 896 1688
5. Luvita 012 8316558
6. Maria 013 887 0070
7. Stanley 019 895 3594
8. Marcel 012 803 0778
9. Amir Hamzah 017 342 0856


Dr. Ali Qassem hailed from Jordan Jordanian who is also is an international motivational speaker, management consultant, training provider, and an author on management and personal development. He has conducted seminars and courses and helped to develop thousands of people from Malaysia, Egypt, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Brunei from all levels from CEO's to school students.

So don't let this opportunity pass you guys! Grab em while it's hot!!! zssss~~~~ =D

Friday, April 1, 2011

Focus A / Creative Dreams International 1st Anniversary in NST

A dream come true for firm

KUALA LUMPUR: Creative Dreams International, a network marketing company, celebrated its first anniversary recently where about 1,000 partners and guests turned up to enjoy an evening of camaraderie and fun.

The gala dinner at the Sime Darby Convention Centre saw guests being entertained by dance performances and shows by local artistes.

Themed "Rise To Stardom", the event paid tribute to the success enjoyed by the company which also launched its overseas offices in India and Indonesia.

Creative Dreams International markets e-learning programmes for primary and secondary school students.
The company donated 500 educational portal accounts worth RM400,000 to the Tamil Foundation Malaysia which will distribute them to Tamil schools across the nation.